You have no doubt found yourself wishing that insurance companies would realise that we live and work in a global village, with international customers who operate 24 hours a day.
How many times have you been unable to manage a client's insurance expectations because of their country of work or residence? 

Or maybe you've aimed to provide across-the-board insurance benefits to a group of multi-located beneficiaries - but your plans have been hindered by inflexible providers? 

If any of the above strikes a chord with you, then we speak your language. Why not become one of the many insurance professionals who have realised the potential of working with Unilife?
We are committed to providing flexible and comprehensive insurance products across the globe. Our aim is for your contact with us to be as beneficial and productive as possible. 

We want to help you forge positive relationships with your clients, to make swift decisions and to deliver an excellent service.

Our philosophy combines efficiency with a positive work ethic and proactive approach.
Instead of saying "maybe" to your clients, we want to help you to say "yes!"


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